Scrap Steel

Because steel scrap rate in india is so easily recycled, it originates from a variety of places. Some scrap is obtained from within the steelworks, where it may have been damaged or is at the end of a batch of a particular type of steel. It also comes from decommissioned buildings, old automobile bodies, and old ship containers.

Ingot Steel

Ingot Steel rate in india refers to a mass of metal cast into a size and shape such as a bar, plate, or sheet that is easy to store, transport, and manipulate into a semifinished or finished product; it also refers to a mould in which metal is cast in this manner. Ingots of gold, silver, and steel, in particular, are cast for further processing.

Billet Steel

Billet Steel rate in india are the second stage product created during the steel bar manufacturing process. Raw steel cannot be used in its natural state; it must be cast into a shape before being used. Steel billet refers to newly manufactured steel that is still in the form of a metal bar or a square shape.

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Sponge Iron

Sponge Iron

Sponge Iron rate in india is a mixture of iron, carbon, and various alloying elements such as manganese, silicon, sulphur, and phosphorus. It is a produced product whose underlying chemistry and physical shape identify it. Steel comes in roughly 3,000 different grades, depending on the chemical. Steel is divided into two types based on its physical dimensions: flat products and long products.
TMT Steel

TMT Steel

TMT Steel rate in india stands for Thermo Mechanical Treatment, which is a thermomechanical procedure; TMT steel bars are commonly used in construction for better earthquake and other natural disaster protection.
Pig Iron

Pig Iron

Pig Iron rate in india is divided into three types: BASIC PIG IRON, which is used primarily in the production of electric arc steel, FOUNDRY PIG IRON, which is used primarily in the production of grey iron castings in cupola furnaces, and NODULAR PIG IRON (SG GRADE), which is used in the production of ductile iron castings. Pig iron is used in the production of steel, foundries, alloys, automobile castings, and other iron-based castings.
Current Rates of Commodities across various mandis
Commodity nameLocationCurrent PriceDate & Time
IngotMandi Gobindgarh47000(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
IngotBhavnagar46300(+100)11:00 AM 07/12/22
IngotBhiwari45700(+200)11:00 AM 07/12/22
IngotHimanchal46000(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
IngotMuzaffarnagar46200(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
IngotGoa45000(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
IngotRaipur43000(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
Old ScrapMandi Gobindgarh35900(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
Melting ScrapMandi Gobindgarh38900(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
End cuttingMandi Gobindgarh41400(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
CRC scrapMandi Gobindgarh41900(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
ScrapBhavnagar39300(+300)11:00 AM 07/12/22
ScrapJalna Super38000(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
ScrapJalna Melting38700(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
ScrapDelhi39500(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
Pig Iron(Foundry Grade)Ludhiana46300(+200)11:00 AM 07/12/22
Pig Iron(Foundry Grade)Jalandhar46200(+100)11:00 AM 07/12/22
Pig Iron(Foundry Grade)Batala46000(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22
Pig Iron(Steel Grade)Ludhiana41300(-200)11:00 AM 07/12/22
Pig Iron(Steel Grade)Jalandhar41500(+200)11:00 AM 07/12/22
Pig Iron(Steel Grade)Batala42000(+0)11:00 AM 07/12/22